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5 Top Tips for Building and Positioning a Local Brand

When opening and establishing a local business, even if your store or office is situated in an area with excellent footfall, developing your “brand” is vital for long-term success. Usually, when “brands” are discussed, it is in relation to multinationals and chain...

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Which businesses can benefit most significantly from SEO?

SEO is still perceived by many as a highly technical term that only big brands and online e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay need to be investing in. And while SEO once seemed to only benefit the big guys, things have changed a lot. In 2017, SEO is now a powerful...

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Using Blogging as your Secret Weapon for Local SEO

Many small business owners and marketers consider the box ticked in terms of local search engine optimisation once they’ve got their Google Maps listing verified and some geo-keywords dotted across the pages of their website. While these tactics prove fruitful and...

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7 Reasons why you MUST Optimise your Website for Mobile

The use of mobile phones, and smartphones, in particular, has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. Mobile phones are much more than just a communication tool and are now used to access email, listen to music, order products, find love, and browse all kinds of online...

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